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    Being relatively new to eBay, there is one thing I am quickly learning — be prepared to be surprised when you get the radio you just purchased. My latest purchase, a pre-war Model 35 Packard-Bell, came with a 4" PM speaker in place of the standard electrodynamic unit.Whoever replaced the speaker also cut the field coil and frame from the old speaker and bolted it to the chassis, right next to the tuning capacitor — probably not the niftiest place for a magnetic field. Plus it looks like heck. So I would be happy to buy a Model 35 speaker if someone has one laying around. Unlike the former owner of my radio, I am ready and willing to have the replacement speaker reconed if it needs it. Just as long as the field coil is good. I suspect there aren’t a whole lot of Packard-Bells in Canada, but maybe you folks on the West Coast have run across one. Thank you!

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