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    Need info on this set, The label inside the console case say “Case Radio Corp” USA model 918, The chassis tag says “Mohawk Radio corp Canada” model 6A9. I’m looking for a schematic for the chassis and have exhausted all options. any help would be appreciated!

    Ed Kraushar
    CVRS Member

    Mowhawk made a 6A8 model, with 6 tubes. 6K7, 6K7, 6K8, 6Q7, 6F6 & 80.
    It does have the 4 control shafts as shown on your cabinet. Perhaps the schematic may be close enough to help if the tube compliment is the same as your radio.

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    Thanks Ed, anyway here is the tubes, I take it that these are the correct tubes in that the previous owner said it worked. 3- 6K7, 1-6L7, 1-6J5, 1- 6H6 , 2-6F6, 1-5Y4
    Any help would be appreciated!

    John Greenland
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    Further to Ed’s message. Rider’s service manuals have info on some Case model radios in Volume 7.
    The model 1101 / 1102 in that manual may be or seems to be close to what you are looking for or at least help.

    I have attached the schematic for the 1101. There is more info on the radio in the Rider’s manual.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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