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    Mike Hand
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    Hi, I am new to the group and I received a radio from my father-in-law about 25 to 30 years ago. Over the years the dial cover went missing. I am looking to replace it. I believe the radio is a DeForest Corsley from the mid-’30s. Everything works and I am actually listening to it right now. Would like to finish it.


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    Sterling Spurrell
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    Do you have a picture of the dial assembly or the model number of the radio?

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    Hi Mike, That’s the tag for the cabinet maker. On the back of the chassis where the tubes sit, there should be a tag like that with a model number. I pic of the front dial area would also be very helpful.

    Dan Walker
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    Mike, it is good that the radio works BUT I would not play it any more until the capacitors have been changed.
    The electrolytic caps are dried out and it can cause damage to the transformer.
    Once you give us the model we can direct you to the schematics,and you can start from there.
    It would be a DeForest Crosley not Corsley., probably a typing error on your part, but we all do it.
    Dan in Calgary

    Ralph Spracklin
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    Mc Lagan Furniture

    The picture of the metal Tag attached, which you posted, led me to Google the Mc Lagan History. They owned a massive furniture factory in Stratford, ON. And I mean massive. They manufactured many different kinds and styles of furniture. They also farmed out their services, and manufactured Radio Cabinets for radio manufacturers. One of those manufacturers was Rogers Majestic, who was also the maker of your of your DeForest Crosley. I have a mid thirties De Forest Crosley for which Mc Lagan manufactured the cabinet.

    It is also of interest to note that Mc Lagan also built their own radios under the brand-name of Mc Lagan-Erla or just Erla. And not to be outdone by the big guys, they manufactured a massive line of Phonograhs they called The Phonothertic. They had their finger in the whole pie.

    Post for us a picture of your Radio, front and rear. On one of the cross bars on your radio there should/could be a rubber stamped model name. The chassis on my set also has attached a metal plate which shows a model number. In my case that would be 6D531. Anyway your post has led me to knowmore about my own set.


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