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    David Evans
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    St Barnabas Church in Medicine Hat has an amplified set of tubular chimes that play from keyboards via a MAAS power amp via a set of horn loudspeakers at the top of its tower. There is also a quarter-chiming clock unit attached which also plays Westminster Quarters through the speakers. We were tasked with the problem of re-installing it and getting it running about 40 years after the whole thing had been ripped out! No wiring, two amplifiers (push-pull parallel 6L6GCs) two keyboards, one set of tubular chimes with solenoids, no interface unit and a clock unit with missing drive motor!
    About 15 months ago we re-built the two amps, made up a relay-operated interface unit to couple the keyboards to the chimes and re-installed several hundred feet of multi-way cable to get the thing operating again. The mandate was to keep it as original as possible. It has been playing well, apart from the odd note malfunctioning due to sticky solenoid-operated hammers, since. We have just restored the clock unit, including making up a ‘remote control’ box for it so that the chimes can be silenced during services etc.

    We need someone local to the church who has a love of 1950s electro-mechanical and electronic systems to take on looking after the thing – there is no-one in the church capable of nursing the thing along. If you know someone, could you please let me know. I can then fill you in with more detail.

    We are based on Vancouver Island BC, so not exactly simple to pop over there to fix the odd thing!


    David & Michael Evans

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