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    Dan Walker
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    I had someone phone me ,saying they needed to get rid of this radio.
    I picked it up at a reasonable price, not knowing if it worked or not.
    It is a 13 tubes top of the line radio, and so far I have replaced the five major electrolytic caps,
    and I can get stations. There are a lot of other electrolytic caps in the radio from 4 to 12 Mf, and I will get to them.
    The cabinet is all there although someone had painted the top brown,but I was going to refinish the cabinet anyway.
    I am in need of one small tuning knob.
    The radio is a monster to move and quite well built.
    The guys on ARF say that it will blow away the top of the line RCA Philco and Zenith.
    We will see after I get it done. it is very well built.
    Dan in Calgary

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