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    Dan Walker
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    I bought this one at an estate sale.
    It is known as the “Buckingham” , type 70. It was one of their top models for 1935 and it has 10 tubes and a separate power supply.
    The cabinet will need a bit of touch up in places. I checked out the power supply [with my rogers 10-12], and it works fine after I replaced the electrolytic caps. It has two rogers 6F7m tubes although someone had put in a 6F7 tube with an adaptor.
    It also has the 24 volt tuning light, but no dial. Instead of a dial there are movable lights that rotate around as you tune, and different colors for each band.
    I have a Deforest Crosley table model with the same system
    We will se how it goes after I get it recapped.
    The cabinet is big and heavy but I like it.
    Dan in Calgary.

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