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    Dan Walker
    CVRS Member

    It is not like I am short of radios , BUT this one came along and I like the style and the cost was cheap
    so I bought it.
    The cabinet will be easy to strip, but it needs to be re glued in a lot of places, including a new top.
    All the knobs are there , and I have heard that they don’t make repos of this knob. the grill cloth is good,[but wrinkled].
    It is a GE model M106 which uses the same chassis as the RCA model 262 with ten tubes.
    sometimes I feel that I am the only one who posts here, but I suppose someone will see the photos.
    Dan in Calgary


    Sterling Spurrell
    CVRS Member

    Very nice radio to redo for sure. I have watched your post before and your work is incredible and I would love to have half your knowledge in radio repair.


    Gary Albach
    CVRS Member

    Hi Dan – a beautiful project! There are a couple of us here in Victoria who play around with molding parts, so keep us in mind if you have a set that doesn’t have all the knobs.


    Sterling Spurrell
    CVRS Member

    That is nice to know has I have a couple of knobs I need but not sure what they are now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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