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    Ben Palmeri
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    This is a radio I picked up as part of a lot of several radios I won at an auction several years ago.
    I decided to restore it ,because I needed a daily driver for my workbench, and this one fit the bill. Although its not the most interesting radio to look at, it is an outstanding performer. It sports 6 tubes, 3 gang tuning condenser, tuned RF front end and dual speakers. The front of the housing is 1/2″ thick in some places, and the gold trim surrounding the dial is cast metal.! I am sure this was not the cheapest table top radio you could by in 1955.
    I replaced all the caps, (except the ceramic disks) as well as bad converter tube. I also had to replace the caps in the 1st IF transformer ,as they were the source of an AVC voltage which did not change much with changes in receive signal strength. If you look at the photo of the underside of the chassis you can see them . After a full alignment, it receives every station on the dial from my basement!
    It has a rich tone, probably due to the dual speakers and thick Bakelite case.

    Anyway, there it is. I’ll try to make the next restore project a little more interesting. In the meantime, stay safe and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Everyone!!


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