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    Bruce Morgenstern
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    Make me an offer….
    I got this radio with a group of other items and it is not the type of Radio I collect. I would like to find someone who would like to have it.
    It is 1956 Grundig Model 3033/56, 6 Tube, 4 Speakers. Size: Length 24″ Width 10″ Height 15″. The cabinet is in excellent condition with some light scratching on the top. I plugged it into my Variac and brought it slowly up to 120 Volts but the unit did not play. Maybe it just needs a tube but I am not sure. I didn’t go any further as I was not planning on keeping it. .
    I am located in Penticton B.C. and got an approximate price to mail it to either Vancouver or Edmonton $40 to $45 and to Halifax $50 to $55.
    Attached are five pictures.
    Bruce Morgenstern Penticton B.C. bm0914 at telus dot net

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