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    David Schuh
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    After spending an evening reading the classic “Electronic and Radio Engineering” by Terman I jumped into measuring plate voltages and currents. Didn’t take long to find the 1st audio plate to be low which was fixed by replacing one of the two bias resistors. I now have volume and hear stations. After a first pass on IF alignment I have all the volume I want. The “magic eye” tube doesn’t appear very bright so that’s the next job. I’m going to get the tubes tested Monday. I think there’s still a lot more that needs attention but at least its working and I’m happy with the progress given this is my first restoration in the tube world.

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    age does seem to dim down old eye tubes, but I just thought I’d mention in case you didn’t know, that a lot of times there is a resistor inside the eye tube socket. Someone else may be able to enlighten you on what that resistor does exactly, but I think it is normally a high resistance , like 10 or 20 K or something. i don’t know if changing it will help or not but in case you find yourself wondering where it is , look in the socket. You can probably measure it without even opening up the socket if you cn figure out which pins it connects between.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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