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    Hi – I’m interested in a Majestic 798. Any leads or thoughts on value of one in working condition would be helpful – thanks!

    John Bartley
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    It would probably help to know where you are. Consoles are not easily shipped, so there’s no point in steering you toward a radio on the other coast ….


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    I have one that is kind of similar. it’s quite little for a console and the front is more sloped. same big funky knob. I think mine is a rogers. it’s quite nice but it does need some work. the veneer is missing from the sides and someone stained the sides instead which actually doesn’t even look that obvious. I have spare veneer but it would need some love to look really right. open to offers. it’s way in the back of other stuff so Im not dragging it out for a pic unless someone is serious about taking it home. Shipping it would be a PITA

    Dan Walker
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    Hi Mike::I have one of these radios. I am not selling mine but I thought I would let you know that when I bought mine [at an Estate sale ] it cost me $300.00.. Everything on the radio is original, including the knobs, grill cloth and finish. I paid more than I normally do but it was in such good condition, that I could not afford not to get it.
    I did have to redo all the electronics and install new station tabs.
    I think if you can find one for around $100.00, it would be a good price.
    it all depends on where you are getting the radio from.. As they say location,,location, location.
    Dan in Calgary

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