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    Is this oscilloscope adequate for aligning radios? Looks like a deal, comes in it’s original box. What should I look for if i go see it.

    Here’s the link…

    Tony F
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    Hey Gary, You don’t need an oscilloscope to align radios. All you need is a good VTVM and a signal generator. Scopes are overkill for radios. On the other hand if you are going to do tv’s than a scope with at least 60 Mhz is plenty. $50 bucks for a scope as old as that is not that great of a deal. You could get a more modern scope for a bit more money, say $100. 10-20 Mhz would be plenty for radio’s if you want to get fancy, but there is no need.
    On another note. A lot of these older scopes are in need,or will be soon of having their capacitors changed, just like the radio’s you are trying to fix. There are a lot of non working scopes around.
    Again,.. just my 2 cents, others might disagree.

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    Thanks for the clarification Tony! I Just thought it would be useful to align the radios I’m doing. I have no plans to start working on T.V.’s. I will shop for the items you suggest as work bench space is at a premium in the house and I’m relegated to the corner in the furnace room. After seeing that ad, I realized there are a ton out there in that price range. I had no idea they were that cheap!

    Gary in Montreal

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