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    Looking for an inter-stage transformer between a 1F5(SP to PP) and 1J6(PP to S ) tube ,Unit is a RCA 95BT-6 am receiver. The original transformer was a combined unit of inter-stage and output in same case. Would be nice to get the original unit but a separate inter-stage would work. the DC resistances for the complete unit are pri inter-stage 378 Dc ohms sec 172 and 148 DC ohms output pri 273 and 316 DC ohms and sec 3 ohms.

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    I can’t say I am an expert on interstage transformers but when I needed one for a restoration someone pointed me to AES, and I went to their site
    if you search for "interstage" some transformers come up, Not sure if one would work to get it going if yours is open, but perhaps someone else on here would be able to recommend weather one of these might be a reasonable replacement for it.



    Found one from Play things of the Past

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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