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    I am doing research on a company and cannot find anything pertinent on the internet and I am hoping that you either have information or can direct me to the correct location to further my research. Here is the name and information I have.

    Excello Products Corp. (Trade Marked)
    Cicero, ILL

    I am sorry that is all I have presently. The logo and info above is on a sticker attached to what appears to be an older wooden chest. I do understand that this company was involved in the production of radio cabinets or a similar product.
    Thank you.

    Les Dickson
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    Sorry, never heard of and don’t have any info for you.

    John Greenland
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    John Greenland
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    Sorry, I forgot to mention that Cicero, IL is a suburb of Chicago. So maybe the same company.??

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    According to Excello Products placed an advertisement in “Radio Consoles Retailing”, June 1927 page 211. They mention the speakers and room for batteries but does not mention the radio itself, which would lead one to believe that they sold cabinets only for installing radio chassis by other manufacturers. The cabinets look like large chests with doors.

    Other companies at the time places similar advertisements, like the ad from the Windsor Furniture Company (1412 Carol Ave, Chicago) in the April 1927 issue of Radio broadcast.. I’ve scanned and attached the page from my copy of that magazine as an example of a similar company.

    In 1927 the business was located at 4834 West 16’th Street Cicero, the same building might still be the standing:

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