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    Andrew Rolfe
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    This speaker was built in Hamilton probably 1940’s. It’s somewhat the shape of a Radiola 100A except it has a wooden case unlike the Radiola 100a which has a pot metal case. My Westinghouse 200-B is not working even though there is continuity at the transformer. Would appreciate any info such as an operating manual, schematic, repair manual, etc. that might help me on the repair. Thanks

    Bruce Morgenstern
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    Hi Andrew, I hope this might help. The information comes from, see page 01. Page 02 shows a schematic of the speaker in the top right and also has , The Magnetic Speaker Parts, which shows a Oval Cone Model 200B and a Round Cone Model 200B.
    Regards Bruce

    Bruce Morgenstern
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    Hi Andrew
    I have resent Page 02 as I think it might be a little easier to read.


    Ed Kraushar
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    I assume when you say you have continuity at the transformer that the 2 coils have continuity too.
    The magnet could be weak, does it attract an object liken a screw driver?
    Another cause may be the vane driving the pin to the cone may not be centered between the two poles of the coils. To fix this I usually shim both sides of the vane to get it centered. You then have to adjust the pin where it connects with the cone. Sometimes there is an adjusting nut. Other times the pin is soldered to a small metal piece in the center of the cone. In that case I just heat the connection with a soldering iron and solder. When cool remove then shims. The vane should remain centered then.

    Andrew Rolfe
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    Thanks Bruce and Ed for all the information you sent me. The speaker repair is a bit more complicated than what I want to take on but I have a fellow radio repair friend who is going to fix the problem. What he found was that the 2 coils around the armature are open. The armature O.D. is 7/8″, I.D. is 5/16″ and Height is 5/16″. Also Bruce replied with one piece of info that was on page 2 (Speaker Parts) shows the parts I’m searching for:
    – Coil Assembly (2 coils 425 ohms ea.)
    Westinghouse Part #H-22352
    List Price $1.50 (don’t you just love these prices !!! )
    – Pair of coils (for center-tapped units)
    Westinghouse Part #H23691
    List Price $1.50
    If anyone has any ideas as to where I can purchase these coils I would much appreciate it.

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    John Greenland
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    Hi Andrew,
    Is it possible for you and your friend to rewind the coils?
    Most sizes of magnet wires are available and measuring the diameter of the existing wire would put you on the right track.
    You stated that the coils are 425 ohms.
    Coincidentally 425 feet of number 40 wire is 425 ohms.
    the ohms per foot is available on line for the wire size you will need.

    Hope this helps.
    John G. VO1 CAT

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