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    Les Dickson
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    I’ve been going through boxes of tubes I’ve acquired over the past couple of years and trying to sort out those that were used in radios (that I want to keep) from those that were used in televisions (which are just taking up room I don’t have). I’ve been entering tubes into the “Search for models by Tubes/Valves/Semiconductors” section of the Radio Museum web site and I’ve come across several tubes where I can’t find any information on what they were designed for. Is there another online resource that I can use to identify the usage of tubes?
    Here are a few that I can’t find anything about,

    • 17DE4
    • 6328
    • 5FG7
    • And one very old one Zetka Process -Z-R-F
    John Greenland
    CVRS Member

    I have found that regular tube manuals ( I have most of the RCA’s) will normally give enough info.
    For example the 17DE4 is the 17 volt version of a 6DE4 which is a TV damper tube
    The 5FG7 is the 5 volt version of a 6FG7 VHF mixer Osc tube from TV’s.
    The 6328 is a photomultiplier for detection and amplification of ultraviolet light.

    Hope this helps

    CVRS Member

    And the Zetka process ZRF is part of the Flux Capacitor in Back to the Future.

    Les Dickson
    CVRS Member

    Thanks, Dr. Emmet Brown. Good to know we have a backup for the flux capacitor.

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