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    Looking for information on a Canadian built wooden table radio. It’s a Hudson’s Bay Dictator manufactured by Dominion Electrohome Industries Ltd, Grimes Radio Corporation Limited , Model A 761 D. It’s way down the list of radios that I plan to restore and I’m worried that I can’t check the tubes as I found a 4 pin in there which the tester I ordered can’t accommodate. This radio actually works ( kinda) But the volume is low with a slight hum. I unplugged it right away as I can see bare wiring on the chassis and the 110 wiring. Any info would be great. I would suspect it shares a chassis with some other model. I also have a Hudson’s Bay floor model Dictator with a (non working) Phonograph on top with a different chassis . Here’s some pics of the table model.


    Gordon Dann
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    the schematic for this radio is available at Pacific tv. go to online radio schematics- then Pnonola Electrohome Before 1948 and it is about 1/2 way down. hope this helps. Cheers Gordon

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    Thanks Gordon! That is a great resource and I have it saved to favorites. Very clear diagrams. Thanks for providing the shortcuts to nav the site!

    Regard, Gary

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    thanks gordon.
    This helps me a lot.
    Do you know about any wooden radio studio, where I can buy some vintage radios??


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