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    John Mattatall
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    This is a GE A-64 Radio where the grid wire comes out of the IF can. It is cracked and bare in places and i would like to replace it but I can’t slide the can away from the insides to get at it. There looks to be a rivet (hole) on the side but not sure what it is there for. Has anyone tried this? i don’t want to break anything.

    Sterling Spurrell
    CVRS Member

    There may be two nuts attached to the bottom of can but would need to see a bottom of chassis picture to confirm.

    John Mattatall
    Forum Participant

    Thanks Sterling
    I remove the two top screws and there are two tabs that squeeze together at the bottom to release the can . I did that and it separated the can from the chassis but i still wasn’t able to pull the enclosure away to expose the inside. It seems something is preventing it from sliding away. I was wondering if it had something to do with the hole (in picture) I just don’t know how much force i need to exert to separate the two and I’m afraid I might break something.
    Funny thing is all the green wiring was cracked and crumbly, I had to replace all of it in the chassis, the other color wiring was fine. Must be a different compound.

    Dan Walker
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    Some times when I have had to replace a grid cap wire like yours I did find that there is a piece of heavy black cardboard that
    goes around the actual coil. It prevents the coil from touching the can.

    Sometimes it is hard to get out, and it has to be taken out carefully.
    I use a dentists small mirror to hold under the can [with a small flashlight] to try see into the can from the bottom.
    That is, if you can get the can to lift up a small amount.
    I look at it this way ”If someone put it together than you can take it apart”.
    If you can’t get it apart them you could un solder the cap and slide a piece of shrink tubing over the wire right into the can.

    These are just suggestions
    Dan in Calgary.

    John Mattatall
    Forum Participant

    Thanks Dan
    I think the shrink wrap might be the best option, not ideal, but better than breaking something .

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