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    Ralph Spracklin
    CVRS Member

    Hidden Gems

    As I am eighty-one years old, and being that this Radio Restoration is new to me, I am not one to waste money where it is not necessary. I still like to roam around to Good Will Stores and the like, and Habitat for Humanity Stores looking for things of interest which could come in handy. Recently I found my DeForest, Meteor 6D531 radio for just ten dollars, on which I have just about completed a total restoration. I also found a Sing-a-long Machine SM7000 which I have repaired for my Grand Children at Christmas. At Habitat I found an old Heavy Duty , electric Soldering Iron, and a drill press adaptor to be used with an electric drill, both for just six dollars each. The soldering iron was missing its heating element, so I just cleaned it up, and when I need to unsolder a ground connection to chassis, I just pull the propane torch, heat the soldering tip, and then on with the job. The drill press attachment comes in handy when I need to drill a hole, on-centre, in anything, like, for instance, a re-molded radio knob. Which by the way I mold from automotive Poli-Bond. This stuff works great once you learn how to use it.

    All my test equipment, which includes a vintage Simpson Bach 635 Military VOM, and a 5 Amp Variac by General Radio, and my GW. GRG 450 Signal Generator, I found on KIJIJI. I also picked up a rather aged looking Jackson 561 Tube tester at the first and only Vintage Radio Swap Meet I ever attended. I have completely restored all these test equipment pieces, including the recovering of the Jackson with new leatherette and hardware.

    Dan Walker
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    Hello Ralph;
    I just picked up a DeForest Crosley model 6D531 and I it have it all working good.
    The cabinet for the radio is very bad, and I am going to have to rebuild most of the front.
    It would be nice if you can send me some photos of your radio ,so I have a reference to work from.
    You can send me a Private Message and I will give you my email. THANKS
    Dan Walker in Calgary.

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    Ralph Spracklin
    CVRS Member

    Good Morning Dan

    I have many hi-defination pics of this Radio and will send them to you as soon as I am able. Problem is, I left my camera (absent minded me) with all my pics of this radio in Kitchener. ON., at my daughters, which is two plus hours away from me. I gave up on the cell Phone thing as for me the cost is not worth while as I don’t too often get to go anywhere anyway.(you know the Covid thing) So until I see them at Christmas, I will not have access to those pics. But I will get them to you. However I am having problems with the coil assembly on this radio as at least two of the internal winding tails are broken and Ihave no Idea where they connect to. I will I suppose iron it out when I put more thought into it,


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