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    Dennis Molnar
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    I have bought an RCA Victor Strato World and will see if the schematic I have matches the model number.
    I will clean all connections and want to change the capacitors.
    Might there be anyone who can advise me on which capacitors to replace (ie just the electrolytics?) and where to source them?


    Dennis (Vancouver)

    Gary Albach
    Forum Participant

    What model Strato World do you have?
    (The tube models were 3-BX-671, 5-BX-672 and 7-BX-10. There were a variety of transistor models including RZM 198EX, 1MBT6, and RHM65E.)


    Dennis Molnar
    Forum Participant

    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for asking.
    It is still in USA and I pick up in delivery early Nov
    I will reply then.
    Thanks for your reply


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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