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    Hi all, I did manage to find a Hallicrafters 38 after some looking and also scored some Vintage “Brush” brand headphones. The headphones are 2 wire to fit the Hallicrafters, but they are shot. I opened one side up which was tricky as they are bakelite. Nothing but bits of the active crystal and shorted wiring. I need to find some tiny speakers for them (smaller than 40 mm wide). The radio main speaker is 3.2 Ohms and the only tiny speakers I can find are the ones in the link below. Will these work? they are the right size otherwize. Any other places to look for the parts?


    Thanks, Gary in Montreal

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    John Greenland
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    The par of Hallicrafters headphones in the attached picture are 3500 ohms measured at the 1/4 inch plug.
    I do not know what difference the impedance would make.
    They do click in the ear pieces with the ohm meter leads.


    John G. VO1 CAT

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    Hi John, Those must be later as they have the single large plug. My S38 is the first year (1946) model and has the older 2 pin type socket. The headphones were rattling, so I opened one side and parts and pieces fell out.
    I sort of suspected that as they were cheap and tested open on both sides. I’m trying to slide in modern replacements as there is no prospect of fixing them. here’s a pic

    Thanks, Gary

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    Found some tiny speakers that will work. Thanks anyways, Gary

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