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    Ralph Spracklin
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    Grid Biasing

    The link provided here, if I may say, is Biased, in the fact that it was written for those who work with Guitar Amplifiers. But the truth is that all Vacuum Tube Amplifiers, no matter what they were designed for, requires some kind of Grid Biasing Voltage, in order to function properly. This subject is one for which there is much confusion and misunderstanding out there. And I am one of those confused people.

    This article has to be one of the best I have ever read on the subject. Remember as you read this, that in reality, this subject is about Vacuum Tubes in General, no matter what piece of equipment they may be installed in or what they were designed to do. I will just paste the Link to this Site, so as I do not violate any Copyright laws. Hopefully this will help us all out of this dark area of Radio Restoration/Repair

    Also much more can be written on this subject. What is written here applies mostly to Power Output Tubes, However this subject also loom most important to RF Amplifiers, in particular, and all tubes in general. (ie, except of course diodes)


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