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    I’m still pretty new at this and had the hardest time reading somewhat fuzzy schematics for my old C8-16 Globe trotter. Dan was kind enough to send me a better copy, but I was still unsure about some of the cap values. Buzzing around the ‘net, I found this place;

    It’s a bit of a nightmare to navigate, but it gets easier with time. I then set my printer to the highest rez it could produce and it (slowly) printed out a spectacularly clear copy of the schematics. I Have done all the easy caps to find and read already and was nervous to continue until now. Radio has begun to work with good volume and tone control, but the voices are still very muddy and barely comprehensible.
    Still, good progress! I’m sure the vets here all knew this site, but if you’re new like me, it could be of some use.

    Gary in Montreal

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    Sterling Spurrell
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    Yes a very good site. I have used it a few times before.

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