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    And it’s a G.E. S-22-X! For $150….and, it works! But hold on, the cloth is torn in 3 places, and the clock wont adjust I was told (how do you set??). And the finish isn’t really horrible but there are several missing flakes, mainly on the top. The handle is intact too. The tuning isn’t frozen (but almost). Maybe I’ll bring this one down first as it’s lighter than my K-80. Sometime soon I hope. I’ll mention it on here first, in case there’s anyone that wants to let me bother them with helping me with it in any way 🙂 Might be a while though, as my back is killing me these days. I just very barely got it in from the car.

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    that’s neat. I love old radios with clocks. I have just a few but I would love to collect more of them ,Not sure on that particular one but a couple of things you may or may not know .

    I think techron got the patent for the self starting mechanism for clocks, so clocks of this era didn’t always start on their own.
    the one in my westinghouse has a little lever thing accessable through the face plate. you need to stick a pen in there and push the lever to one side and let it go to give it a kick start.

    some have a red or green dot. I recall seeing a GE , or was it RCA? tombstone with a clock with those dots.
    you’d set the thing so the dot was green , then if the power went out and on again the clock would restart itself and the red dot would indicate that the clock was wrong due to a power outage. My westinghouse would just sit there still.

    so the one with the dot would give you some indication of how long the power was off, and the one with no self start mechanism would mark the time that the power went off.

    I think most of these were synchroous motors so the AC 6o cycle beat would keep them running the right speed. It wreally worked well and no adjustment was needed like the wind up clocks. to this day the 60 cycle beat is accurate and so they do keep time as long as they have some lubrication.

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    The clock on mine says Telechron. And the little orange glass bead knobs that go on the ends of the 2 clock spindles are as usual, missing (anyone know what I’m talking about regarding that?). And there is a dot at 12 o’clock that is either blue or orange. Mine is orange. And I thought that meant AM or PM (??). I really don’t know much else about this S-22-X. I haven’t turned it on since I bought it. And I hope I don’t until I can get it checked out.

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