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    Gerry O’Hara
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    John Evanoff is selling a Rogers Type 200 in excellent original condition and working. Rogers historian, Ian Anthony. commented on this particular radio as follows; “Wow that is a beauty. It is for sure a 1926 model. It would have been made in the summer of 1926. The model numbers are based on production years, ie. the first ones in 1925 were the 100 Series, the 1926 were 200s, 1927 the 300s etc. What was special about these were they were the first radios to run off of regular household electric current rather than batteries. That is why it is called the Batteryless Radio, like the Ford Horseless Carriage car. The set would have been built at the factory which used to be at Chestnut and Dundas, west of Yonge and Dundas. The original power cords had threaded tips to insert into a light socket. Houses at that time did not have outlets like we do today. The only reason a house had electricity was for electric lights. You would unscrew your lightbulb then screw in the power cord for your radio or clothing iron etc” (this radio is fitted with a regular line cord and plug).

    Some photos of this rare and exceptional piece of Canadian radio history are attached to this post and if interested, please contact John directly – he can be reached at this email address: ‘fevanoff at bell dot net’ or by telephone 705 689-4067. He is located in Orillia/Gravenhurst, ON area but could arrange for pick up, delivery or meeting at a mutually convenient mid point location. Price $1500 OBO.

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