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    Darin Brox
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    I’m new here and do not know alot about radios, what I do know is that I powered up this radio about a year ago, it was inherited from my grandpa. It worked but the sound was “scratchy” certainly not clear. I would appreciate this going to a good home, somewhere where it might be restored and used again. The knobs are perfect, I removed them and put them in a box so that they wouldn’t be damaged. They are what is displayed on top. Having looked around the internet I think that a fair price is $80,please let me know if/why you think that this isn’t a great price.

    Dan Walker
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    That radio looks like it is a Majestic model ” Bonaventure”, or ”Resolution”although I don’t believe it is either.
    I think the price you are asking is reasonable, but values vary in different locations.
    If it were for sale here in Alberta, I would say it is a fair price.

    Dan in Calgary

    CVRS Member

    You are in the ballpark with $80.00. Very little market for these in Quebec at all. The post Baby boomers have almost no use for most older things ,furniture, antiques and radios. Only exceptionally ornate or rare radios bring any real dollars, and that’s not what this is.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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