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    Many of the “new” power supplies in those old 1920s radios came with this type of device: an adjustable control for getting the filament voltage to be exactly what you needed. Note the red “Danger” zone on the meter that showed too high a voltage for your tubes. A fairly rare 90ish year old radio collectable to find especially in such nice condition. The case is all wood.

    I picked this up in a working radio almost 30 years ago and it worked at the time but I have not hooked it up or tested it since that time and am just clearing up some boxes of old tube radio gear I still have from back when my hobby was collecting old radios.

    Sorry, but I’m clearing out too much stuff to try dealing with packaging and shipping things out so it’s pickup at my house in Fort Langley, B.C. if you want it.
    I also have this listed on Facebook Marketplace for $35 but I love you guys so on here it’s $25.

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