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    Ralph Spracklin
    CVRS Member

    Hello All

    On an earlier post of mine, for which I did not receive any input from my peers on this site, as I assume there weren’t any answers to my dilemma. I am posting this in case there is someone else out there who could use the same FIX.

    My problem was, how to increase the FM Band spread range on my Telefunken/AEG Super Banjo 61. This Radio was made for the European/German market, and only covers up to around 100 FM. Of course here in North America the range goes up to around 108 FM.

    I was seeking a solution to increase this Band Spread on this Radio to make it more adaptable here in Canada.

    Last evening I stumbled this German site, showing a design for a Frequency Converter/Frequenz Konverter.
    While this site is in German, on my Windows 10 Computer, I usually get a drop down fo translation purposes. Translation is excellent.

    This is quite simple to build and just plugs into the Di-pole Antenna jack on the back of most of these German Radios. And then the Di-pole antenna, usually foil pasted to the top of interior of the cabinet just plugs into the converter unit to complete the installation, It uses a couple of batteries to power it. It is designed around a $5.00 IC Chip, (available on Amazon. It does not require any alteration to the radio itself and is easily transferred to another such radio in seconds. Soooo… I am going to go ahead, and order a chip, and build me one.



    Gerry O’Hara
    CVRS Member

    Thanks for sharing Ralph! – hopefully it works well. An update once its up and running would be appreciated.

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