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    if you sell things here it is expected that you post a photo and an asking price as well as to identify your area.
    How should it work for people wanting parts?

    what do knobs normally sell for? how about tubes? I have quite a few but to sell them through the mail on a one by one basis is pretty time consuming. Ive often thought I could either sell them in batches or I guess there could be a little business if one were to use them as original knobs for casting more. My past experience has been that I find myself emailing back and forth and digging through them all to finally find the ones I want and then packing, shipping, delivering them. what happens is the purchaser figures they are worth like 5 bucks and then after doing that a few times it quickly becomes a one sided arrangement.

    I do agree that supporting the hobby is part of it and one has to pay it forward. the forum has some rules and to sell items a selling price is required but does this not apply when asking to buy certain specific and unusual parts?

    for a time I considered starting a “library of knobs” and a system where they could all be photographed and identified by viewers and maybe it could work by some sort of CVRS exchange where a greater number of knobs would have to be submitted in order to take from the of course limited supply. I thought it over but like any other business it is easy to think oh I should invest time in that. In reality the whole business will fail if it’s not economically practical and not many would want to devote the time to manage such a system just out of the good of their heart. the library could contain tubes or knobs or both.

    what do others think? Its nice when you are restoring stuff and people will take time out to help especially when often you never even get to meet them. Would it make sense for the CVRS to have a set “expected price” or for people wanting parts to be required to state their expected price upfront?

    could the forum have some sort of brownie points system to encourage helping and then people would be more apt to help if you seemed to be giving more than taking ? <br>

    I think its a sensitive but valid question and I think it is easy for people to misconstrue my point and reply back that “it is a responsibility of collectors to support each other in their common hobby” <br>

    I believe in that and it works well when both parties are helping each other. I’m definitely not saying we should not help one another. I just found that usually if I try to supply unusual parts it becomes a very one sided deal and after doing that a number of times I kind of threw my hands up.<br>

    I wondered if other collectors are finding the same situations and how they choose to deal with it. like knobs, tubes are very hard to find because there are so many. people ask me if I have a certain one and I think gee I probably do but its the same thing. after one spends two hours digging through the whole pile they might find some but may not even know if they are good tubes. On the other side of the coin its nice when you need one when people help you. <br>

    I often think it might work better if people listed the part they need and posted a photo and also set the price, that way the potential seller might be able to decide if it’s worth his while? we could read the instructions for posting and say well it is required to post a price in the buy and sell section. <br>

    For example maybe the potential seller would consider to pull the knobs off a radio that he had in order to help someone with a nicer one. for example a bakalite with a crack in it, would you pull the knobs or save it in case you wanted to glue it back together? posting the price may help the person wanting the part by offering a said price. <br>

    if someone is selling something. the first question people will ask is how much would you like to pay for it but somehow it can seem rude for a potential seller to say “I may have that rare part you want , how much will you pay me to find box and ship it to you?”
    does it, or should work differently if you are at a local meet and helping one another than it does on web forum? <br>

    What do others think about the subject? can we improve the system or is it fine the way it is ?

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    I have a lot of tubes and knobs as well, I have helped out people on this forum before regarding knobs and tubes. If I ever need a knob in which I did a few days ago, I have no problem listing the expected price I would want to pay. I have done the exact same thing as Phil…spend an hour rummaging through my knob stash…finding the needed knob…then selling it for 5 bucks plus shipping. I know how you feel Phil,

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    thanks Darren. My post may have not been worded well and I wasn’t trying to complain I just could see where people may have the parts to help but maybe dont; take the time , sometimes people don’t put the area or refer to a particular model number and some of us like me recognise the radios but aren’t up to date with model numbers. a pic is a big help. I have many knobs and tubes but often I am so disorganized it’s hard to locate parts. I tend to store tubes in the attic space as I dont’think the temperature extremes hurt them but I have stored radios in there and anything with shellac doesn’t like that.

    one of the things that got me into radios in the first place was people who helped me with troubleshooting from afar. the internet was new and I figured it was the first time that all the technical info became widely available and figured it would be a nice hobby. It mushroomed into half a house full and now I find myself paring down as I can’t possibly restore every one. Thats ok I figure part of the hobby is also to collect and store them as preservation and trading parts is a big part of restoration and I’ve often played the game of buying partial sets and trying to re-marry chassis with cabinets or found myself in over my head with troubleshooting.

    sometimes finding stuff takes time but if there are pictures when I go hunting for parts its no harder to look for a half dozen items as one. at one point I was lucky to buy a collection of thousands of knobs but there are many thousands of different ones. many were from canadian radios. I learned a bit about casting them and I have some idea how but might need to experiment more. I have lots of epoxy that’s suitable for casting copies of them but the mold making materials can be expensive. I can’t immagine how anyone could aquire thousaands of knobs so Ive always figured I was pretty lucky, they might have been several collections that got married or maybe remnants from an old radio repair shop where they were pulling knobs and discarding radios. you;d have to wreck a lot of radios to get that many.

    to get that nameplate I think you may have to locate a broken radio or maybe you could borrow one and make a press mold out of a putty and then pour epoxy in to fill the void. I have lots of the little propellers sometimes seen on the “rainbow” models and some of the big orange dial pointers used on some of the baby champs. Ill keep my eyes open for that style of knobs. If the ones you have look right maybe the shafts could be cut down with a dremil or the knobs could be drilled larger? I have a metal lathe so if it were me I’d perhaps chuck them up and bore the hole rather than try to drill them with a hand drill, that might help wiht the problem of the bit wanting to follow the old hole. you might have better success if you fill the hole with JB weld or something and then drill it so the bit won’t try to jump around due to it trying to follow the old hole.


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