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    Ed Kraushar
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    Square bus wire looks good on 1920’s radios but I have been reluctant to buy it commercially. I stumbled across a jewelers tool on Ebay called a draw plate. The draw plates have a series of various sized square holes that are tapered in size from the front to the back of the plate. The price on Ebay ranges from $7.00 to $70.00 approximately. I went for the $7.00 version and the total outlay was less than $10.00 Cdn delivered to Ontario.

    I started off with #12 house wire. The wire should be annealed, easily done with a propane torch. I tried both beeswax and oil as a lube. One end of the wire was ground down to get a start that could be held with vise grips. The draw plate is held in a vise and the wire pulled through it. The short piece was just a test. It was pulled three times through progressively smaller holes. Although I did not, annealing before each pull is a good idea as the wire stress hardens with each pull.

    The wire looks better than in than photo, the flash accentuates the defects and shows the wire much larger than it actually is.


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