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    Hope someone can tell me where to get some dial scales.I have a G.E. Model 122 and a Stromberg -Carlson that I need the plastic measures 4 3/4 by 4 3/4s with the indent part 3 1/2 by 3 3/4sand about 1/8 inch deep. I also have a G.E. Model KL 70 (Canadian) that the dial glass is broken.Also where I can get the on-off switch part from a Emerson model 530. It is 1 A-250V 3 A -125V . Would be grateful for any help.
    Thanks Bruce Ruttan

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    Bruce it’s possible to make your own. If you cut the shape out of 1/4 inch thick high density particleboard with a bandsaw , jigsaw, coping saw or what have you. I bought suitable plastic here from the plastics store, it’s about .025 or so.

    cut the shape out and keep the male and the female part. lay the outer part down, then a layer of the plastic with 1/4 or so extra around the hole. then lay the plug over the hole. ( so the plug covers the hole and only the 1/4" or so of plastic exposed around the outer edge of the hole is subject to the full heat of the oven.

    warm it in the oven, then push the plug down into the hole so the two pieces of particleboard are flush. This will roll the edges of the plastic over in the gap between the plug and the hole.

    the plastic I bought had a protective film on it, and I found I could go through the heating and pressing , then remove the film last.

    I found they came out near perfect, the only thing was it took a couple of tries to get the hole just the right shape. I found I could round the edges of my plug off a little to change the shape of the edge a bit. ( how sharply it rolls over)

    I didn’t use the oven, I used a quick moving blowtorch, you could try the oven or a heat gun. Get extra plastic to experiment with , it’s relatively inexpensive. I didn’t find the process too difficult.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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