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    Chris Wysong
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    I’m restoring the radio and have finished everything except for what to do with the bias cell. There is an original one there, but I would like to replace it with something better. I have tried a watch battery (LR44) and it’s too big for the housing. The radio plays fine, and even when I bypass the battery directly, I don’t notice any difference. These bias cells are common in the 1936 Rogers Majestic lineup.
    For those of you who have dealt with these, what did you do to replace it, and how did it work? I’d really like to get some practical experience with this. I’ve searched the web and find very little about how to specifically fix these.

    I’d appreciate any comments on this.
    Thank you

    Ed Kraushar
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    I have brought them back to life by drilling a very tiny hole in the carbon side and using a syringe to inject a few drops of water. The hole is then filled with silicone. Be carful not to drill in too deep.

    Another technique I have read about but not tried is to drop the cell into just boiled water. A few air bubbles will escape. Let the water cool and some will be drawn into the cell. Seal the perimeter of the cell with cyanoacrylate.


    Chris Wysong
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    Thanks for your reply Ed. Since you did this successfully I decided to give it a shot. Very small drill hole into the carbon, and then I just put the whole thing in warm water. I let it sit for an hour and then pulled it out and tested it. I have almost 1.3 volts! I put a drop of silicon in the hole and let it sit. Three hours later and the voltage is still holding perfectly. I’ll do a final test tomorrow and see how it is.

    I had been thinking about buying some AA battery holders and putting one of them in place, but for now I’ll stay with this. I just find it incredible that an 80 year old battery is still functioning!

    I appreciate your help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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