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    Ed Kraushar
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    I picked up a large table full of 20’s radios and junkers at an estate sale some time ago. I intended to use them as parts radios since many were homebrew but as I examined them at home I found that many were interesting and well worth cleaning up and testing. This group of radios had seen poor storage and many were animal homes or mud covered.

    This five tube one came in a unusual pine homemade cabinet. It had been finished in mahoganay stain and shellac and had a painted carving on the front.

    It required a fair amount of cleaning and the reconnecting of several wires to get it playing. Quite a bit of the wiring was done under the chassis, the wires being fed through holes drilled in the chassis near the components.

    The case was cleaned and brightened up with a couple of coats of sprayed shellac to get some gloss back.


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