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    Electrical Safety in the Home

    Around the same time, the new fangled invention of radio was beginning to get its feet wet, (oh oh, wet feet and electricity just don’t go together) electrical supply companies and their engineers were in the process of designing electrical supply systems that worked and was reliable. This was especially true when it came to the safety of the general public, their end users. Last night I stumbled on a British article on You Tube, relating to the trials and errors of this new service to the general public, especially when it came to the safety of the end user, And I am certain on this side of the Atlantic and elsewhere around the globe, the problems faced were as paramount as they were in ye-olde England.

    An example of the dangers of electricity, in my own home town, happened when I was just a child. A young girl, who attended our school, while taking a bath in the morning, as part of her ritual in getting ready for school. took her radio to the washroom. She balanced it precautiously somewhere near to her bathtub, and while enjoying her hot bath, and her music, she managed to pull her radio into the tub with her. Needless to say, the high cost of this was indeed a great tragedy. A young life was lost. This and other such stories, was, and has, and still is, today taking lives. Even today, I remember, as just a child myself at the time, how this accident adversely affected me. A school Desk was Empty! But other varied horrors such as this, numbering in the tens of thousands, were repeated oft times around the globe. And still today, the number of deaths, involving electrical power, continues to mount yearly. This for us, the Radio Hobbyist, is also a constant concern. Always keep your children and grand children aware of these dangers.

    Here is the link to the article “Why Electricity in Edwardian Homes Proved Deadly” This article covers many other dangers, besides that of electricity.


    “When working with Electricity, always work with one Hand behind your Back.

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