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    I can find no information about my Fleetwood TV/LP/Radio.
    The LP works, but I think it needs a needle.
    The radio lights up, and makes static. All the push buttons work.
    The TV dials light up, but no picture, although there seems to be a fuzzy audio?

    Any information would be helpful.
    Who repairs it?
    Can I get the Radio/LP to possibly work?

    Bruce Winter
    CVRS Member

    I would guess early 1960’s. Give us the model number, it should be on the back cover panel.

    Bruce Winter
    CVRS Member

    Fleetwood TV’s were manufactured by Electrical Products Mfg. Co., Ltd of Montreal.

    Alain Desjardins
    CVRS Member

    I confirm, early 1960, my parents bought a similar model (the TV only) not long after I was born in feb 59. It is still in the attic.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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