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    Gary Albach
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    Below are a few pictures of a cosmetic trick I tried while repairing the chassis of a Rogers-Majestic 11-52. Gerry O’Hara suggested I pass them on for general interest. I’ll post pictures of the cabinet once I’m finished. One of the original ‘spigot-style’ filter caps on top of the chassis had been removed and replaced with a smaller can which was very securely soldered to the underside of the chassis. It looked out of place, so purely to preserve the original ‘look’ of the chassis I could have replaced it with an old dud cap the size of the original. But this would have been a messy job, trying to unsolder it from the chassis or cutting it off with a Dremel.

    So instead, I simply covered the replacement can with a plastic bottle the size of the original cap and sprayed it with aluminum paint. I cut the bottle to length and slipped it over the smaller replacement can. It’s held in place as a friction fit with three vertical strips of foam core board secured to the replacement can with double-sided tape.

    Gary in Victoria

    Sterling Spurrell
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    Very good idea. Looks like the real deal.

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