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    I have recently been given a Canadian General Electric Model H-76 radio. I want to start the restoration of it however I cannot find the schematics. I have searched the Radio Collage of Canada indexes but cannot find a match. Does anyone know if this radio went by some other name or point me in the direction where I can find the schematics?
    I can find the model on ( but there is just no information on it.
    Thanks in advance

    Sterling Spurrell
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    Here is a link where you can buy and download it. › ge-canada

    Dan Walker
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    Hi Jamie’
    The RCC cross reference for the GE H-76 shows it to be the same as Victor 48.
    i hope this gives you more places to look for the schematics.
    Dan in Calgary

    Dan Walker
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    I have the schematics for the Victor 48 [from the red book]
    I can scan it and send it to you if I have your email.
    The tubes listed for it are
    [3] 58s
    [2] 56s
    [1] 47
    [1] 80
    I can’t find anywhere on this forum where I can send you a personal message
    Please let me know if you can read this copy……
    Dan in Calgary.

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    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the info but this schematic doesn’t match up and it is listing the wrong tubes. I really don’t want to pay for the schematic if I don’t have to.
    The tubs for the radio I have is as follows:

    6SK7 (x2)
    I really just need to know the value of the multi capacitor. I was just going to replace it with two 15uf 600V electrolytic caps and see what that does :). Unfortunately, the cap does not have any markings on it.
    Here are some pictures.

    John Greenland
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    Merry Christmas all,

    There is a minor conundrum here —– According to the Radio Museum site the H-76 has 6 tubes.
    Dan is showing 7 ???????

    BTW the H76-B and the H-76-BV have 7 tubes.
    Is there another Victor match, perhaps ?

    John G
    VO1 CAT

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    Hi John, 7 tubes is correct. The radio museum specs are wrong. I have already requested a change. The difference between the info Dan has provided and what I find on the radio is the tubes are older than the one I have. My initial thought is there is a newer model. I am going to look at the H76-B and the H-76-BV as you suggested to see if the tube values are at least a match.

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