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    John Mattatall
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    Since being in lock down it was time to look at what radios I had that needed attention. This is a RCA (G.E) portable radio that was squealing when turned on. Luckily I read some previous posts here and so the first thing i replace was the largest capacitor, the 10mf. That fixed it right away, I decided to keep the old cap and hollow it out and put the new cap inside. Other than that I didn’t have a battery so I fashioned one out of cardboard and printed the outside graphics. I had a 48 volt adapter which was putting out 56 volts. I just ran the lead through one of the hinges on the cover that had rusted away into the battery box and clipped onto the leads. One down few more to go.

    Ben Palmeri
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    I have the same radio. Why does the label say GE KM-44BP but the front says RCA VICTOR?

    On a side note , apparently, these radios were often given as graduation or birthday presents. The frame in the middle of the grill was often engraved with the reviving persons name. Mine says “Bob”


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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