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    Hi all

    I have a Blaupunkt that’s in really good shape for it’s age. It has been in the family for 40 plus years. The last time I used it, she ran fine. Now, after 20 years of sitting….. The AM/FM radio not working. the front lights up but nothing happening. Not even static. I will see what I can check out for that problem.

    Also the turntable works great, but I played a 45… and it was playing a bit faster then it should. All of the speeds seem to be working though, maybe an adjustment is needed.

    Don’t want to throw a ton of money in it for repairs.

    Any thoughts on what this would be worth? I’m in Ontario Canada.


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    Hi Chris, do you still own this Blaupunkt, and if so, are you possibly interested in selling it? Thank you, Paul

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    Duplicate message – kindly delete.

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    Ralph Spracklin
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    Hi Chris

    Possibly the capacitors in the front end needs replacement. (most likely all of them) . This is importanr on an older set, as these, and all caps will eventually fail. some resistors may have increased in value, and are now out of acceptable tolerance range. Although, in regards to the Electrolyticc Caps, if there is no loud or annoying Hum when the Phono is playing, these Capacitors may still be hanging in there. It is also posible that some critter has been chewing on the wiring?? Has it been stored in a shed or in a cold damp garage. This could lead to all the above problems. As to cost of repairs, only you know, how much, is enough. And also, on the main page of this site, click on the link, in Red.”What’s my old radio worth” A lot of factors mus be considered when trying to answer this question.


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