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    I am looking for a chat application to implement it to my radio website. I don’t have idea which to use or which is best. I came across RumbleTalk and Cbox but still looking for more options before I decide which to take.

    Have in mind I want to be able to post youtube videos and charts into it and I also want to have option for design makeover.


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    Well I started researching on my own then. I made a lot of research in
    finding a chatroom for my radio website. I used envolve for a
    while till they closed up, pitty. I tried IRC but I truly did not like
    the look and feel and the “mess” of text in there.
    I had several points which are important to me.
    – First I needed a chat that can be seen in mobile (all versions) so I
    narrowed down the search for html5 chat room that look good on both
    mobile and pc.
    2 – I needed a custom design, I needed my background to be black or transparent. This was very hard to find (my site is dark).
    3 – I do not like to install the chat in my server as this is high cpu and resource consumer. So I need a chat service.
    4 – Lastly, I needed the ability to add youtube videos and upload files.
    I have checked several chats and only 2 met my needs, RumbleTalk and Cbox.
    I choose RumbleTalk finally as it can be integrated into my page and not only as toolbar.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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