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    Gerry O’Hara

    I was recently working on a Rogers B7/30 battery set (Chassis Type 22) for a friend. The set was populated with a mix of Auto-Lite ‘Tiger’ brand and Micamold (Bakelite body) capacitors. The Micamold ones were the ‘domino’ type, so their values could be easily determined using the colour code. However, the Auto-Lite ‘Tiger’s had only part number identifiers and the schematic I have is a very poor scan with many of the values difficult to determine. Not having any information on the part numbers for this brand to hand, I was tempted to use ‘generic’ values, eg. 0.05uF for screen bypass, and using the physical size of the capacitor as a guide. However, a search on the Antique Radio Forum (ARF) turned up this posting (under a rather obscure title of ‘Purpose of 10mfd dry electrolytic positive ground’) that identified several Auto-Lite part numbers as follows, though the source of the information was not disclosed:
    Part No. Capacitance Voltage
    38102 = 0.05uF 200vw
    38105 = 0.05uF 400vw
    38106 = 0.1uF 200vw
    38107 = 0.25uF 400vw
    38108 = 0.5uF 400vw
    38121 = 0.1uF 400vw
    38128 = 0.003uF 200vw
    38133 = 0.005uF 200vw
    13533 = 10uF ?vw

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    Gerry O’Hara

    If anyone has a more comprehensive list of the value corresponding to the Auto-Lite ‘Tiger’ capacitor part numbers it would be great if you could post it here and/or a link to a document with them in. Thanks!


    John Greenland
    CVRS Member


    Have a look here.

    The chart is there for some of the values. It appears that the numbers are Roger actual part numbers.



    Gerry O’Hara

    Many thanks John – much better copy of the schematic.

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