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    Ed Kraushar
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    Some time ago a person dropped off the guts from a tube electric organ that he had dismantled. The tubes and some parts were usable but other parts left me wondering what to do with them. In that category were the adjustable chokes used in the organ. There were quit a few of them.

    On one of those days that one feels like just experimenting I took off the adjustable ends that set the gap between the "I" laminations and the "E" ones. In a silly moment I put two chokes together open end to open end. The coils all a tap on the windings and the windings of the transformers also varied in resistance. This allowed some mixing and matching of the parts.

    They started to look like a crude audio interstage transformer. When tested in a radio they performed as an audio interstage transformer and gave results very similar to that of a Hammond 124A transformer. I have used several in various radios with success.

    I should point out that my main interest is 1920’s battery radios and that they are very forgiving. I make no claim that these transformers would be suitable for later AC sets.


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