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    I’m from Vernon BC. I recently picked up a shutter dial, robot eye 1938 Zenith Long Distance console. It looks absolutely original. It works but has the loud 60 cycle hum, so I assume the filter cap is gone. I can check that and repair it if necessary, but am interested in having a repair shop look at it as it has some small other problems. Does anyone know if there is a capable repair shop in the Okanagan? I would prefer not to go to Vancouver during the current situation. Alternatively, I would be ok if there was a tube tester anywhere nearby that someone knows about. Thanks in advance for any info people might have.

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    Hi Mike, a word of caution about firing up the radio again. If it’s original as you say, It’s overdue for all the capacitors to be swapped out including especially the electrolytics. Continuing to fire it up can damage the tubes/transformer etc. Looks to be in great condition ! Hasn’t been much traffic here lately, but most of the membership is out west, so someone should be able to help you out..

    Gary in Montreal

    Gordon Dann
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    Hi mike I live on Vancouver Island and do repairs in Courtenay as well a John at Pacific TV in Victoria. Someone local that would work on it would be best as shipping costs are high. If you or someone in your town could change out the e and paper caps (before you turn it on) you may find that it works fine. you can get the parts a ” just radios” and other places.Cheers Gordon

    John Sherman
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    Hi Mike i live in Kelowna if you want to message me, I am new to restoration as well, and like the others you should just go ahead and get a schematic and recap your radio and new resistors it will make a huge difference in the hum.


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