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    Gerry O’Hara

    Here is a fully-restored but unidentified Silvertone console dating from 1931 (Chassis Model B109). It was restored by myself and Pat Jones at the SPARC museum in Coquitlam BC. The radio was rescued from the scrap pile at the Bellingham Museum, Washington a couple of years ago and was in a very dilapidated state when found – the feet were rotted away probably due to standing in water for years, pieces of veneer were missing and the original finish was a real mess. Replacement feet were made from some scrap table legs, damaged veneer was replaced from veneered areas of the set that did not see light of day (edges of the speaker baffle board), the set stripped and re-finished with semi-gloss lacquer and finished to a beautiful lustre with paste-wax. Replacement speaker cloth was purchased from ‘Radio Daze’ and, after some searching to find the correct schematic (found one in Beitmans eventually), the chassis was restored. The set now works very well and has ‘pride-of-place in our entrance hall. If anyone knows the Model number please let me know!

    Download DSC00105 [1024×768].JPG. (Caution: This file may not be virus scanned.)

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