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    Les Dickson
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    A friend of mine asked me to see if I can get a 32Volt DC radio working – it’s been in his family for some time. Here are the problems I’m facing:

    • There is no schematic.
    • It’s a Thorkelson Model B65. Thorkelson was the name of the owner of the Thorcraft Radio brand from Winnipeg.
    • The tube line up is 6SA7 6SK7 6SQ7 6J5 25L6 25L6.
    • Someone has tried to make it run on AC – there are two electrolytic capacitors in it.
    • There is a similar tube lineup in a Thorcraft B62 on the radiomuseum website and I’ve contacted the member who posted it but he’s since sold the radio.

    So, I’m wondering if anyone has any schematic for this, or a similar, 32 Volt DC radio that might be helpful.
    Thanks in advance.

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