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    Gary Albach
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    Don’t have much recent experience with transistor radios, so had fun restoring this little gem. It’s a 1959/60 Canadian Admiral Model Y2012X, made in Port Credit, ON. All PNP germanium transistors. The first IF transistor was so leaky it was hardly a transistor any more at all. Probably worth a fortune as a component in some modern Fuzz box. But rather than replace it, I was able to maintain the semiconductor line up for posterity by changing the bias on this stage to accommodate the aging transistor. The radio probably isn’t as sensitive as it was when new, and the AVC doesn’t work quite as well, but at least all the germanium is original. (The AVC would never have been very good – it only feeds back to this one stage, and also has an over-engineered feed-forward circuit from the mixer that quickly became obsolete in later designs.)
    Hope the kids like it someday.

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