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    Ian Morrison
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    Hi everyone, really excited to join the forum! I’ve always been interested in vintage electronics and now I’ve come into a 1935 Majestic Montcalm radio in fairly good nick. I have a basic understanding of circuitry as it relates to guitar tube amplifiers but not radios and not of this vintage. I could definitely use some help!

    I was told it’s non-functioning and haven’t powered it on lest i fry something. I have good instructions on testing the components so that’s what I’m going to do first. I found the schematics here on page 18:

    Unfortunately the upper half of the page is illegible. My first questions would be does anyone have another source for schematics that are perhaps easier to decipher? Also is this something valuable with which i shouldn’t be mucking about? I’m sure I’ll be back soon for help but for now any advice is greatly appreciated!


    Dan Walker
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    You will find the schematics here at Pacific TV If you don’t find what you need let us know and I will see if I have anymore information.
    I presume that this radio is a 10-65, but it will give you the information if you look at the back of the chassis. Also sometimes the TYPE will point ypou in the right direction.
    Also you can google ” Majestic Montcalm Radio”
    Good luck
    Dan in Calgary Send me an email

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    Ian Morrison
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    Excellent, that’s much easier to read! Thanks very much I will be sure to get back to you if (or more likely when) i run into problems!



    Dan Walker
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    Ian,; you are going to need some information about the tuning light in that radio.
    It is not a 6 volt bulb, it is a special 24 volt bulb.
    I know there are going to be other things you will have questions about so if you send me a PM
    [personal message] we can get things sorted out.
    The radio is a 10-65 and 10-66, and the basic difference is the dial indicator lights
    Just click on private message under my name, and send me your email
    I am glad to be of help if you need it.
    Dan Walker in Calgary

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    Hi! I just joined because I’m interested in restoring a Ten-66, which has the same schematic as your Montcalm. I’m even more of a novice than you, but I’ve been watching the “Mr. Carlson’s Lab” YouTube channel, and I think I can do this.
    Does your Montcalm have a tubular plastic tuning dial like the Ten-66? Mine is extremely brittle and falling apart. Restoring that is currently the most daunting aspect of my rebuild.


    Dan Walker
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    I have restored many rogers sets and I did find that Radio Daze wanted several photos of the plastic drum tuning dial,from my 10-12.
    so I sent them many photos of the dial. I do not know if they have any drum dials for the 10-66 or the 10-65, but you could ask an
    email . Just go to their site and click on ” CONTACT US.”
    Send the email to John.and tell him Dan Walker sent you.
    They are always making new reproduction dials and they may have one.
    Another source might be someone on this forum who has a real junker, but a good drum dial.
    It is also possible that there are other models with the same dial.
    I believe that your has three bands, but I am not sure.
    Dan in Calgary.

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