Want to be a media idol? Received from the CBC via SPARC


My name is Mercedes Grundy, I'm a researcher with CBC television. I'm currently part of a team that's casting across Canada for a new prime time show focusing on rare and unusual items for sale. 

FOUR ROOMS is a celebration of unique items and the stories behind them. We are looking for people who want to sell an interesting piece and share their story with Canada. This item can be anything from antiques, art, collectibles, fashion etc., as long as it’s a unique piece. The seller shows their item and negotiates with the Nation’s top buyers and then has the chance to make the deal of their life and walk away with some serious cash.

We would love to have a piece of Canada's radio history showcased on the program. If you or anyone that you know is interested in selling a piece from their collection, please let them know that they can visit our website at cbc.ca/fourrooms and email or call me directly at 416.205.2047 for more information.

Thank you,

FOUR ROOMS | CBC Television