Two More Regional Networks!

Two new regional networks have sprung into being because of local interest. One is provincial in its scope reaching all of Saskatchewan; the other covers The Greater Golden Horseshoe Area in Southern Ontario.

You can find the network home pages on our website by clicking on Saskatchewan; and Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe. Both networks are dedicated to helping regional members connect and stay in touch. Both resulted from local member involvement.

During our recent AGM, two attending members stepped forward and agreed to act as network coordinators. Doug Parker, in Qu'Appelle, SK,  fills this post for the SK Network, Dave Chamberlain, in St. Catherines, ON, does the same for the OGH Network.

As for how you, personally, can take advantage: If you are a CVRS member residing in Saskatchewan, please ; if you reside in The Greater Golden Horseshoe, . Both Doug and Dave can have you added to their respective network directories as well as provide you with more information. Both will be able to tell you how to get involved with others in these networks.

We’re hoping all CVRS members in their regions will take advantage of Doug and Dave taking on these roles. The CVRS is committed to facilitating regional networks across Canada. We consider such networks to be highly useful in allowing members to contact others in their areas, either as individuals or clubs. Supporting local vintage electronic organizations is part of the CVRS mandate.

With the addition of Saskatchewan and Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe, the national CVRS organization now has five regional networks operating. If you are a member of the CVRS, live in one of these regions, and wish to learn more about or join your CVRS Regional Network, please contact the relevant coordinator to join or receive additional information.

Our other regional networks include: The Atlantic Network, with coordinator Kevin Christoper in Canning, NS, ; the Manitoba Network, with coordinator Grant Sesak in Winnipeg, MB, ; and the Vancouver Island Network, with network coordinator Don White in Nanaimo, BC, .

If any members in other regions want information and/or assistance to create their own CVRS network to serve their area or even special interest group, please contact . We will do our best to assist you setting up.

And take it as given that the CVRS’s mission has now expanded. Think of us as an organization dedicated to bringing fellow enthusiasts together for "... the preservation and sharing of the history and technology used to communicate and entertain in Canada."