Summer 2013 Newsletter Available

The Summer 2013 issue of Canadian Vintage Radios is now ready for download. You will find it under Resources/Newsletter/Current Issue – we hope you enjoy it!

We would like to keep the Newsletter at the current 14 pages - we therefore appeal to you, our membership, to take some ownership in this and submit articles, news or views.  These can be in the form of a hand-written piece with or without (paper) photos, an email with or without (electronic) photos, or finished documents in just about any format – whatever it is we will take it and can make it look ‘the part’ in the Newsletter.  You can be noted as the author for ‘fame’ or adopt a pseudonym for anonymity – it’s entirely up to you.

So come on, folks, we know there is lots of good vintage radio work going on out there! – subjects could include restorations, sad cases/good news stories, historical perspectives, radio-related anecdotes, your favourite radio (and why), your workshop/special interests, components/tubes, vintage audio/HiFi, power supplies, tips, hints, tricks, reproduction techniques (eg. dials, knobs, mouldings, feet, pointers), ‘show-and-tell’, reference materials, favourite web radio links, old-time broadcast shows, club news, soldering techniques for the heat-averse, or even a regular column on topics such as ‘the world’s most frustrating radio dial string solutions’, ‘101 things to do with a dud tube’ or ‘knobs through the ages’ (yes, even questionable attempts at humour may be acceptable) – in fact just about anything related to vintage radio and related electronics history.

And let us take this opportunity to thank all our members that have contributed over the years – please continue to do so!

Thanks in advance!

Gerry O’Hara
Editor, Canadian Vintage Radios